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Concept development

One of the most important design phases during your product development is the conceptualization. In this early stage we are already setting your design apart from the competition and apart from ordinary product uniformity.

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Elaboration of the concept phase

By creating more detailed and colored sketches (renderings) we substantiate the first outlines. This phase is characterized by colors, structures, surfaces and materials.

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On a computer we now develop a three-dimensional, details defining design body, which already contains essential elements for construction. In this phase, your most important installation components of the new system are digitalized and added to the design.



Regardless of today´s impressive technologies: Photo-realistic visualizations are still just pictures. First mock-ups or prototypes help to evaluate the first sample of your product.



For the engineering process, you will receive the data for the installation components created during the definition phase. If desired, we can also offer the completion of this work by our in-house construction department.



Directly on their way from the computer to the sample, we “vitalize” the constructions by creating ABS parts with our in-house prototyping system.

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Product manufacturing

After the constructions of your product, follows the tool design. From now on it is only a short step to tool falling pieces and the positioning of your product in the market.